How do I get my fundraiser set up?
Visit our Contact Us page where you’ll find the contact info for Stephanie Barnard, your Colorado WFC representative. Stephanie will walk you through everything from start to finish!

50% profit on invoices of $1,500.00 or more (50 cases or more).
40% profit on invoices of $240.00 – $1,499.00 (8 – 49 cases).

You must be credit approved to have 30 days for payment. We can fax or email a credit application to you, or, you may pay by credit card or mail us a money order in advance. No payments at all are accepted by the warehouse at time of pick up or delivery.

Estimating Needs
A good rule of thumb is one case per seller; higher if you have committed, enthusiastic parents and/or group with an exciting reason for sale (example: individual prizes awarded, uniforms for sports groups, a group trip, something that everyone wants but can’t afford as individuals, etc).

Freight/Delivery Charges
$30 charge on invoices of $2,000.00 or more.
$60 charge on invoices of $240.00 – $1,999.00.

Personalized Orders Shipped from WFC in Chicago (no extra charge)
  Straight Packs: 25 case minimum order for  (,allow 3-4 weeks for delivery).
  Variety Packs: 100 case minimum (allow 4-5 weeks for delivery).

Warehouse Orders (non-personalized)
May be picked up from Empire Warehouse to avoid a freight charge
Allow 72 hours from time of order placement until order is available for pick up.
Chocolate must be paid for in advance by money order or credit card unless credit application has been completed and approved. No payment is accepted at the warehouse.

Minimum Warehouse Order
8 cases/packs (40% profit). No additional freight or handling charge applies if customer picks up order at Empire Warehouse.

Order Readiness
Pick up at our local Empire Warehouse: allow 24 hours
Delivery: allow 3- 5 days

Storage and Shelf Life
Chocolate should be kept in a cool, dry place off the floor preferably below 65°F, but not in the refrigerator.
Solid milk chocolate will last up to 12 months from its manufacturing date.
Milk and Dark Chocolate with nuts, raisins, caramel, or other flavoring in it will last up to 9 months from its manufacturing date.
Product expires on a “Best By” date if applicable.